Marta Orts & Carlos Trullenque

Marta Orts and Carlos Trullenque are architects for ETSAValencia since 1997. Marta Orts won the Final Project Award at the COACV/99 AWARDS. Carlos Trullenque has been an associate professor in the Projects Department and member of the ETSAV's Final Degree Project Tribunal between 2001 and 2004, and an associate professor of Architectural Projects and professor of the University Master's Degree in ESET-CEU in Valencia between 2011 and 2015; he is currently a professor of Sustainable Design in said Master's Degree. They have participated in different exhibitions, including the VII Biennial Exhibition of Architettura di Venezia in 2000 and the Art Biennial of Valencia 2003. Among other publications, the monographic dedicated to his work 'orts-trullenque, arquitectura 2001-2011' (General de Ediciones de Arquitectura, TCcuadernos) stands out.

Carlos Trullenque & Marta Orts

Layetana Real Estate Projects

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