Riffa Views Bahrain

Tipología de la promoción: Residential
Emplazamiento: Bahréin
Superfície sobre rasante: 360.000 m²


Riffa Views is the name of a development located 20 kms of Manama, Bahrain's capital, and in the town of Riffa. It counts with 1055 Villas, 1 Golf Course PGA Golf Club and Country Club, an international school and possibly mall and two mosques and has a budget (2009) of 630 million euros.

It occupies an area of over 360,000 m2 and sits on land occupied by 16 oil wells, whose pipes had to be diverted. The developer is composed by an investment bank and the Bahraini royal family, which owns the land.

The promotion has been sold by 80%, and is nearing completion.