RCR arquitectes

Born in: Vic 1960, Ramon Vilalta i Pujol; Olot 1961, Rafael Aranda i Quiles; Olot 1962, Carme Pigem i Barceló

1973 - 76 Studies at the School of Fine Arts, Olot. Vilalta

1977 - 79 Studies at the School of Fine Arts Olot. Pigem

1987 Architecture diploma from ETSAV. School of Architecture, Vallès. Barcelona. Aranda, Pigem and Vilalta

1987 - 89 Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from ETSAB. School of Architecture of Barcelona. Barcelona. Vilalta

1989 - 06 Advisory Architects to the National Heritage Nature Park in the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa

1989 - 01 Professor of City Planning and Landscape Architecture at ETSAV. Vilalta

1992 - 05 Professor of Projects at ETSAV 92-99, ETSAB 97-03 and Landscaping at ETSAB 03-05 and member of the Final Projects Tribunal at ETSAV 95-04 and ETSAB 03. Pigem

2005 - 07 Guest Professor at the Department of Architecture of the Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ). Pigem

1993 Film: "Le Volcan, la Forêt et les Architectes" on recent works. For the French TV channel FR3 Toulouse. Directed by Marie-France Michal-Kova and Marc Checinski. Paris

2006 Film: "Passages Architectes: RCR". For the French TV France 3 Production Sud-Ouest. Directed by Inés Compan

Authors of essays and articles on architecture and landscapes in addition to several books. Notably: "El Fluvià com a pretext", "Enquadraments", "Seqüències", "L’obra hidràulica en els Pirineus", "Destellos", "Virtual versus físic"…

They have been invited to give lectures in various Spanish and European cities: Swansea, Ferrara, Rome, Genoa, Tenerife, Oporto, Oslo, Rennes, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, Dublin, Hannover, Zagreb, Cork, Nicosia, Nantes, Cardiff, Cottbus…

Together with cities in other countries: Bogotá, Seattle, Calgary, México DF, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Guadalajara (Mexico), Quito, Puerto Rico, Boston (Harvard), Virginia…

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