OPEN architekci

OPEN architekci was founded in 2003. The three partners Przemyslaw Kokot (degree in Architecture from the Bialystok School of Architecture), Daniel Mermer and Pawel Paradowski (degree in Architecture from the Warsaw School of Architecture) shape the studio profile. OPEN design buildings of various scale and functions as well as interiors. Highlights of their works include: Residential and commercial complex “Zielony Zoliborz” in Warsaw Extension of “Pasaz Grunwaldzki” department store in Wroclaw Railway Museum in Warsaw Awards of partners. First prize ex aequo in competition for Shrine of God’s Providence in Warsaw 2000 (with Jems Architekci) First Prize in competition for “House of the Future” 2003 (with Jems Architekci) Prize of Ministry of Infrastructure 2003 (with Jems Architekci) Life of Architecture Competition – Nomination for the Main Award for the best public building in 2005 (with Kulczynski Architect).

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